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by Lars Agerstig, 2018-02-28.

Click on the player and I will read up the chronicle for you!

In my opinion, yes, it is a fraud company!

The 14th of November 2017, I started to experience a lot of Internet connection problems from my Pocket Wifi to my laptop. It was suddenly disconnecting very often during an hour. Before that day, it was working rather well.
Of course, I made a call to SMART’s Hotline.
They are trained to say, – Sorry for your inconvenience Sir! Polite, but not true!
They are not sorry at all, I am!
I’m paying for the shit and they get their salary from my payment!
In Hotline they told me, to do some basic troubleshooting. Nothing was wrong there! The staff in the Hotline made a report and told me to monitor my laptop’s Internet connection for 48 hours.
Nothing became better, so I called their Hotline again.

Now they made a new report to their “technical team” and I was once again instructed to wait 48 hours.
Nothing became better, so I called them again.

Lies and idiotic arguments
Now they started with some more or less idiotic arguments, that my house suddenly was too far away from their base station.
I told the complete idiots, that my house never jumps around! It is standing still at the same location every day and I’m sitting in the same room with the same Pocket Wifi and with the same laptop too.
The distance to their base station should be the same this week as last week, if not their base station is jumping around?
I also tried to connect with another laptop with the same result.

Next time I called the Hotline, the staff told me that it might be something wrong with my Pocket Wifi or SIM card.
I bought a new Pocket Wifi with a new SIM card. Same problem!
I called the Hotline again!

Now their incompetent staff started to play with mumbo-jumbo words and told me, that they now made some “special report” and “escalated” the problem to a “higher technical team”.
I told them I wanted to talk to that higher team.

Back to square number one
After a couple of weeks with the same Internet connection problems, the technical team actually called me after many demands from me.
Now that complete idiot in the team, started all over again with troubleshooting, errors in my Pocket Wifi and SIM card and that my house obviously was jumping around again!
Back to square number one, with other words!
I told him that I would appreciate, if he could use his brain for a while.
Now he made a new report and escalated it again!
Probably all the escalations during this long time are up to God by now?
We are talking about, between fifty to hundred escalations!
No positive result so far!

In every phone call to SMART’s Hotline, I told them that I wanted a reversal of my load money!
Why should I pay for a service that doesn’t work?
Every time, they told me that they included that in the report, but nothing happened! Instead the Internet connection was getting worse and no reversal of my money was coming in to my account!
I was calling their Hotline now about 1 – 4 times a week and demanded to have my call transferred to a higher officer, maybe with both muscles and brain!

Wow! Finally an intelligent and nice man
After many weeks of talking to about 15 supervisors that obviously didn’t have neither one of those qualities above, I was at last able to talk to a nice intelligent manager, Mr. Walter.
Mr. Walter seemed to understand the problem and promised to take care of this Internet problem and also make sure that the billing group there, made a reversal of my money!
Finally after months of talking to braindead people who did absolutely nothing to solve the problems, I now was able to talk to the right man!
At least I thought so!

In SMART you buy different promos, to suit your needs of Internet connections.
I use “Giga Surf 50”. That means I will get 1 Gigabyte of Internet connection usable within three days, for 50 pesos.
1 Gigabyte is normally enough if you don’t download, upload or if you are not watching movie clips. For me it is perfect, because I almost never do that.

When the Internet connection disconnects all the time (every minute), I must re-start the Pocket Wifi, refresh the website I’m in, or do both, to be able to continue surfing. That consumes a lot of Megabytes every time, which means it will eat up my Gigabyte very fast. Therefore, I need to load a new Giga Surf 50 again, if I like to continue surfing that day!
I have spent lot more than 100 pesos in average, every single day since 14th of November! That means more than 3.000 pesos per month, or more than 10.000 since that day!

After more than two months and finally some good conversations with
Mr. Walter, I got 500 pesos in reversal to my account.
Hmm… Two months, cost me obviously a lot more than 6.000 peso and now I got 500 back? What the f**k is that?
I called Mr. Walter again.
Mr. Walter’s argument, was that I had been able to use Internet sometimes during the day, so therefore they didn’t pay out more than 500 pesos.

From being nice to becoming a scumbag
Well, that argument from Mr. Walter is not intelligent, if I will put it in a nice way!
It’s like saying, that if you buy milk in the shop and the milk is bad and sour when you get home, they would say to you as a customer, that you already consumed a mouthful of that bad milk to find out that it is bad, so therefore they will just pay you back 10 %!
You see, I don’t buy that Internet promo to be able to surf maybe an hour here and there totally in a day. I buy the promo to surf when I like to surf!
I don’t pay for bad milk either! I pay for good drinkable milk!
Hard logic for SMART people to understand?

I told Mr. Walter all that and I also told him to call me back when he had some answers to my questions, WHY the Internet connection didn’t work as advertised? I told him, not to come back to me empty handed!
He promised me, he will call me back next day at 2 pm.
He didn’t!
At about 3 pm I called him! He didn’t answer! Instead he sent a SMS message, saying he will call me at 4 pm.
He didn’t!
Then I sent him a SMS and asked when he will call me next time?
No answer!
He didn’t call me the next day either and he didn’t answer when I called him!
I started to wonder, maybe he had an accident or something? Maybe he was in a hospital? You can’t get angry if the guy is sick or dead?
I checked with the Hotline staff. He was working!
I left a message to the guy there, to tell Mr. Walter to contact me as soon as possible.
He didn’t contact me then and not at all up to this day!

I’ve sent some more and more angry reminders to him by SMS.
Maybe the nice and intelligent guy, Mr. Walter, was not so nice after all? Obviously, he can be an actor in Hollywood in the future! He sure is a talent!
“Dishonest shithead”, is other words that comes up to my mind!

SMART company seem to love dictatorship
Okay, what to do as a valued customer who actually are paying the SMART staff’s salaries?
It is closed doors between all different staff people in SMART company. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.
Hotline staff are not allowed to go higher than to their own supervisors and the supervisors cannot go higher than to their own managers.
So what to do as a customer? We are not allowed to speak to higher managers because the Hotline staff will never be allowed to transfer our calls or give a message to higher managers to call us!
We are just allowed to speak to stupid toothless supervisors or lower managers, if we are lucky!
It means, that if we customers will be abused by scammers inside Hotline staff as an example, we can never reach any higher managers, so they can stop the scammers! We customers can just complain to the same people who abused us in the first place!
It is as stupid, as if a bank will hire a bank robber, to take care of the security in the bank!
Not any signs of intelligent thinking there, ha?

I’m rather sure that some guys in the Hotline staff, can put some extra money in their own pocket as long as they don’t solve the problems for the customers.
Instead of changing a broken expensive device, they just let the time fly and get a part of that device money to share amongst themselves.
The system itself makes it risk free for them!
Am I wrong?

Is it possible to reach a responsible person in SMART?
Well, I sent an email to a higher office in SMART, where I told this story.
I got a message back from them, thanking me for my information. They said they will investigate this and come back to me with their result.
Nothing more happened!
I sent two more emails to them, nothing happened!
New scumbags, with other words!

Full speed on SMART stupidities
The brand new lies from SMART’s Hotline now, is that there are too many users in the area! That is the reason why we experience these disconnecting problems.
All my friends here in Poblacion Bontoc, Southern Leyte, have of course the same Internet problems as I have.
Well folks, a lie will never be the same as the truth, even if you repeat the lie!

This disconnecting problem is the same if it is 3 pm or 3 am at night.
I guess most of the users are sleeping at 3 am, like the rest of the people around the world. Strange thought, ha? Obviously too intelligent for SMART’s staff!
Therefore, the problem has absolutely nothing to do with the number of users in the area! It is just a new unintelligent lie!

The final proof of the fraud
The latest explanation, is that SMART will make an expansion here in Poblacion Bontoc.
They cannot tell me WHEN that will happen! It can take a year, some idiot in Hotline told me the other day.
What does it mean?
Well, it makes everything clearer, that SMART is a fraud company!
Without any doubt, SMART knows that their system doesn’t work here in Bontoc anymore, but it did before!
Instead of changing the broken device in their base station here, they are just waiting for the day when they will make the expansion instead. That will be cheaper for SMART and they don’t care about, that we customers can’t use our Internet here, as long as we pay them.
They still sell Pocket Wifi and promos to customers, although they know that the customers can’t use it here in a proper way.
And worse, although they know about the Internet connection problems, they refuse to give a reversal of your money back to you, when it’s not working!
That is nothing more, nothing less or nothing else than a pure fraud against SMART’s customers!
What else can we call it? Well, we can also call them scammers of course!

The staff in SMART know about the broken device, which is the true reason why we customers have these disconnecting problems. Still they tell us a lot of bullshit, every time we call their Hotline.
I have tons of saved recorded phone conversations with the Hotline staff, that backs up every word in this chronicle.

I just want you to know, the facts behind this bullshit company!

Your question
A question you probably have right now as a reader of this chronicle, is WHY we don’t skip SMART and use another Internet provider?
The answer is very simple! We don’t have any alternatives here.
We also have GLOBE as an Internet provider, but they have exactly the same problems here. Strange ha? Globe was also working good before!
GLOBE probably has the same invisible owner, but in the papers, under another name. That’s normally a good way to kill competitors and get the market for themselves.
Of course I don’t know that, I’m just guessing.
Whatever, shit always smells shit, even if the shit is dressed up in a suit and a tie.

The bottom line
The bottom line here is the same. This is a fraud!
We customers are paying for Internet connections. That is our part in this!
SMART or GLOBE get payed by us, to provide us with Internet connections. That is their part in this.

In this case, we customers are paying for a service they don’t deliver to us!
The reason WHY they don’t give us the service we already paid for, is not our problems, it is their problems!
We customers should not have to listen to unintelligent lies or sick fantasies about jumping houses or base stations, broken Pocket Wifi or SIM cards, or stupidities like too many users in the area.
Just tell us the truth instead and fix the problems we are paying for!
Pay us back, if you can’t deliver the Internet connection!
Simple as that!

Maybe SMART and GLOBE will learn some day, what honesty means?

Maybe we customers can teach them, by spreading this chronicle like wild fire all over the Philippines?
Tell your friends and help your friends to inform others!
To help others, is to help yourselves to get a good and working Internet connection. Start now and do it every day!
I guess these dictatorship companies will understand this the hard way!
We just stop to use their fraud services more than absolutely necessary.
Money talks!

If any representatives from SMART or GLOBE find something wrong in this chronicle, you are more than welcome to make a comment below.
I promise to answer you!
If you are a customer like me, you are also free to write anything you like in English in the comment field.
Do you like when someone is stealing your money?
Oh, you don’t?
Well, let us then together stop fraud companies!

As always, I will inform you and reveal them!

Good luck!

/Lars Agerstig
International fraud investigator (and valued customer to fraud companies).


I M P O R T A N T !
Read or listen to this article first!

If you do that, you will easier understand the rest of this website.

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If you think that you know what is going on in the world, and even in your own city, you better start think again! There are a lot of things you will never see in TV or read in the newspapers, just because it might be in someone’s interest that you will stay ignorant about the facts or the truth.

That means that what you heard or saw in the media might be a lie!
My intention is to show you some of these lies.

Okay, fasten your seatbelt and here we go!

First of all, just try to be open minded about what I will tell you here.
Some of the things might be new for you, and some of it may even be unpleasant for you.

First we have to look how the society is built.
Try to imagine that the structure of our whole society looks like a pyramid.
That is exactly how everything is built up.
The company has one boss on the top of the pyramid and a lot of workers below him.
The King or the President looks the same. They also have their staff working for them.
This is nothing strange and we all can understand it.
Many of us climb on that pyramid wall trying to reach the top when we develop our careers.
The higher up you come, the more people you will have below your own level.

There is probably one thing though, you never thought about?
You can only see your own pyramid wall up and down, but you can’t see what is happening on the other walls of that pyramid.
The only one, who can see every wall and all the levels of workers, is the guy on the top!
Sometimes it suits that guy to show you the other walls, or his agenda for that group of people, and sometimes he will keep it as a secret from you, simply because he will lose money or his own position if he shows you.
Bare this in your mind, because this will be essential for you to be able to understand the rest of this website.
Sometimes somebody will let you see the reality as it is, and sometimes you will only be able to see a smoke screen that looks like reality, but is very far from the true reality.
This happens to us all every single day, without we have the faintest idea about it!

In all levels we need education to handle our lives or to be able to work.
Somebody is teaching us.
It can be your parents, teacher in school, the priest, the neighbor, your co-worker or your boss.
Every time you learn something new, you believe that the knowledge you received was the true knowledge and not the false knowledge. You always have to trust ”the teacher”, right?

Well, most of the times you learned the correct and true knowledge.
Some of the times, you will probably think that it is the true knowledge, but actually it is a false knowledge!
There is no possibility for you to know what is true or what is false, because you did not know anything about this in the first place. You were taught by another guy!
You trusted him and he should know this better than you.

Now we go back to the pyramid structure again.
Remembered what I told you to bare in your mind, about the walls on the pyramid and who will control everything that will happen in any side of that pyramid?
Now combine this with what you just learned about ”false knowledge”.
It means that the guy in the top of the pyramid will also control everything that he wants you to know, or what he wants you not to know!

You will probably recognize this made up story from your own life.
Suddenly in the big company you work for, they need a new boss to be in charge over the brand new sales department the big boss created.
You and your co-workers really know a fellow worker that would be perfect for the new job!
He is well educated, he knows everything about sales management and he is really nice and honest too. You are absolute sure that he will get the job!

A couple of days later an almost unknown guy from the organization gets the job!
You are just standing there with open mouth wondering, what the hell happened here?
Well, the guy on the top of the pyramid, your big boss, knew something about this unknown guy that you didn’t know anything about.
The big boss also knew that ”your guy” was a better and more skillful worker, but he chosen the unknown guy because he is ”an obedient worker”.
Your big boss can form him as he wants. The obedient worker will never questioning anything and will not even react if the big boss will teach him some ”false knowledge”.

– The earth is flat!
– Next week we will start to sell product X, even if it is prohibited to sell.

– Sure, no problems!

You see the picture, right?
This is happening all around us every day!
Where did Barack Obama come from?
He was more or less totally unknown and suddenly he was a candidate to be the first black president in the history of USA!
And look how easy and fast he became the real deal!
Was it just because he was skillful himself?
No, probably some guy in the top of the pyramid put him there!
You think Obama is the top guy?
Think again! He is just a puppet on a string!
When the top guys say JUMP, Obama will jump!

So, who are these ”invisible” guys in the top of the pyramid?
Well, an easy answer is that they are the richest guys in the world!
Less than about 200 people ”own” the world today.
Just about a handful families controls everything that is important in our society.
They own or control the educating systems, oil, banks, all types of media, pharmaceutical industry, military systems, religions and much more.
This actually means that they ”own” you too!

Your job is gone next month, because they close the factory you are working in.
The gasoline price will go up next week, because they made some calculations that you can afford a little bit more.
The TV news tonight, will not tell you the true story about the war, because they will lose their face if the truth will come out. They will serve you their truth!
And they will do their best, so you will never start questioning anything!

Everybody has heard the words ”conspiracy theory”, right?
You probably just started to think about those words reading these lines, right?
Do you know why you think those words?
They want you to think that way!

For me, I don’t call this conspiracy. I call it FACTS!

I can be wrong about everything in this website, but think about if I’m right about everything?
My advice is, questioning everything you don’t understand immediately!
Please start questioning even my words here.

You should be in charge over your life. Rely on your own judgment, but always do it with an open mind!

Good luck!

/Lasse A.



People are still talking about climate change as if it is something true.
Is it true?
No, it’s not!

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Listen in Swedish here!

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Are chemtrails good for the climate?

Okay, let’s be fair here. There is a climate change, but humans did not change the climate! At least not when we are talking about green house gases.

Now you think I’m totally crazy, right?
Well, I might be, but I’m not wrong about green house gases!
But everyone in the world knows that all the cars in the world will increase the green house gases on this planet.

Even United Nations environmental panel, IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), came to that conclusion.
Yes they did!
The question is why they came to that conclusion?

Let us investigate this!

There are lots of scientists today that jumped off the IPCC train.
The reason why they jumped off is that they don’t think IPCC are acting in a scientific way.
What IPCC actually have been doing is to listen to some green organizations like for example Greenpeace.
IPCC took some articles written by Greenpeace and used them as scientific material, which they were not.
IPCC also let Greenpeace criticize their own material, so nobody else would have any other opinion.
Nothing in that statistic material is scientific. Instead it is just a bunch of wild guesses.

Some facts
Why are IPCC so worried about the green house gases?

Well, according to their expert scientists (which are not experts or scientists) planet earth is getting warmer, because of the green house gases.

According to IPCC, that is why we all have to change fuel systems in our cars or start using our cars more seldom.
Well, there is absolutely no scientific proof of that anywhere!
Actually to be perfectly frank about this, is that the best you can say about it, is that this is total rubbish from the beginning to the end!
How did they come up with this idea at all?
Well, it is all about money, big MONEY!

Some of these green lobbyists invested money in this new thinking and now they want their invested money back.
But as I said, there are no proofs at all!

About 1 200 years ago it was actually 4 degrees (C) warmer on planet earth.
Maybe it was family Flintstone that drove their cars too fast, who knows?

Another joke about this is the fantastic Nobel Price winner Al Gore who showed the world the famous hockey stick diagram.
According to Al Gore you can clearly see the raise in the temperature, the hockey stick angle, on his diagram.
That is absolutely true!
But what will usually happen when you start the measurement at the lowest temperature in almost 1 000 years? It goes up, right?
What a surprise!
The curve in planet earth’s temperature goes up and down like a roller coaster and follows only one pattern.
Do you know what pattern?
Answer: The sun’s pattern!
When the sun has an active period the temperature on planet earth goes up and when the sun is more inactive it will get colder here.
Isn’t that a surprise ha?
Sometimes I wonder if these IPCC guys ever got a sun tan.

Another fact for you, is that ONE single volcano eruption somewhere on this planet, actually gives more green house gases than ALL the cars in the world during ONE YEAR!
The problem is that you can’t make people pay taxes or other economical punishments just because of volcanoes!
That’s why they chose cars.
People will never start investigating these things anyway, right?

To talk about green house gases and such stupid arguments is actually a way to minimize people’s intelligence.
Of course we can’t figure out that warm climate has something to do with the sun.
And if we are smart enough and put out some smoke screens, we might even get the Noble Price.

So, tomorrow morning when you start your car going to work, just start it with a smile.
Either you or your car can influence the green house gases on this planet.
It might influence the size of your valet though.

Now you know!

Take care and remember that the news is not always true.


No, he was not! Palme was shot by a professional hit man!

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Olof Palme

Late at night February 28, 1986, I was driving home from one of my friends place outside the north part of Stockholm Sweden. I drove from north right in through the centre of Stockholm and out of Stockholm on the south side. There was almost no traffic at all so I reached my home rather fast. When I got home I turned on the radio, which I always do before going to bed.

One minute later the music program were cut off and they sent out the shocking message that our Prime Minister, Olof Palme, was shot dead in the street outside a cinema, in the centre of Stockholm. This must have happened just a few minutes before I reach the centre of Stockholm on my way home. Immediately I thought that this was really odd.

There were no police blocking the roads inside or out from Stockholm! I actually did not see one single police car on my way home through the city! I checked the time again. Maybe I was mistaken and actually already got out of the city when they found out that our Prime Minister was shot? No, I figured out that I really did not even reach the north side of Stockholm yet, the time he was killed. That means that the killer could easily escape out of Stockholm the same way I took!

A Prime Minister is shot and not one single Police or road block even on the highway out from Stockholm? From that day I knew that something was terribly wrong!

A big investigation started. There were a lot of suggestions pointing at different directions. Who was the killer?

Lisbet Palme, Olof’s wife, was walking hand in hand with Olof when a man came asking if he was Olof Palme. Olof said yes, and then the man shot him both in his spinal cord in the neck and in his head. Every one of those bullets would have killed him. He also shot Lisbet in her soft part of her shoulder with one bullet and then he ran away.

The bullet just went in and out through the other side of Lisbet’s shoulder without damaging any vital parts inside.

Question: Would you have done that if you were a professional killer? Answer: Of course not! You would for sure kill Lisbet too. She was a witness seeing your face! All this was out in the newspapers day after the shooting.

The Police were now investigating the Kurds, PKK, a weapon deal with India and a lot of possible leads that could have been enemies to Olof Palme. They also talked about a possible lonely “crazy man”, looking like a drug addict.

Later on the Police found a man that fitted in to that description, Christer Pettersson. The Police lined him up together with 9 other nice dressed gentlemen. Now Lisbet Palme could take a good look at all of them and point out the killer from the picture she had in her memory from that night. First she hesitated a lot but then she finally pointed out Christer Pettersson. After all, he was the only one looking bad in his dirty pullover, unshaved, and dirty hair. The others looked like nice and well dressed businessmen.

Everybody was happy. Sweden finally caught the murderer!

Now Christer Pettersson was brought to court. His defense lawyer had no problem to prove that his client was innocent. Christer became a free man but still a suspect. He could now go back to alcohol and drugs and live his normal life again.

The chief of the investigating team inside the Police, Hans Holmér, continued to look for leads in PKK, weapon deal with India and a lot of side tracks leading nowhere.

Hans’s good old friend, Ebbe Carlsson, also started his own private investigation, which made the soup totally messed up. Now there were leads pointing in all directions at the same time.

As always when something in this magnitude happens, there are a lot of witnesses seeing strange things here and there. One of the true stories, coming from several people that did not know each other, said that there were some strange guys with walkie-talkies in their hands, in the subway station Olof and Lisbet Palme were using going to the cinema.

According to my way of thinking, or maybe just common sense, that disqualifies “the lonely crazy man”! The “lonely crazy man” doesn’t need strange men with walkie-talkies. Now it must be some kind of organization behind the killing, right? And if there is an organization, the drug user Christer Pettersson can be taken out from the suspect list. I mean, no organization in the world would hire a guy like Christer Pettersson to do the killing. If Christer Pettersson accidentally met a friend with a bottle of wine that night, he would right away forget everything about the mission to kill Olof Palme!

Hans Holmér was still suspecting Christer Pettersson or other “lonely crazy men”.

Luckily for Hans Holmér, Olof Palme had a lot of enemies everywhere, from right wing to left wing people. USA did not like him because he joined a demonstration against the Vietnam War. Israel did not like him because Olof was standing on the Palestine’s side. Even people in his own political party, the Social Democrats, hated him, because he did what he wanted to do with the political party, without asking for opinions. In short he was a powerful man with lots of enemies.

Olof also liked women, and the rumors said he had a lot of mistresses everywhere. Maybe, just maybe, Lisbet Palme did not like that? At least I would not be surprised if she got a bit irritated.

The Swedish Police investigator, Hans Holmér, was still searching in the PKK track. PKK was in those days known by SÄPO as a terrorist group. SÄPO have the same function as well-known Secret Service have in USA.

Another thing that obviously is a fact in the investigation is that it was only three persons in the world, who knew that the Palme couple would go out this night, without their normal life guards from the Swedish Security Police, SÄPO. According to the court documents these three people were Lisbet Palme, Olof Palme and their son Mårten Palme. Lisbet was the one suggesting to Olof, that they should go to the cinema without the life guards. She didn’t like to have them hanging around her feet 24 hours a day. Olof Palme made the call to SÄPO about their request to skip the life guards this evening.

According to my way of thinking, or maybe just common sense again, this little puzzle piece and fact disqualifies PKK and “lonely crazy men”. It also disqualifies other organizations, except the Swedish SÄPO. SÄPO were actually the only organization that knew just about an hour before Olof and Lisbet went to the cinema, that they were going there without life guards.

The investigating chief of Police, Hans Holmér, were still chasing his ghosts in PKK, the weapon deal with India and now also some guy in Israel, who according to rumors might be the “hit man”.

Later investigations also showed that there were some secret documents about the Palme murder, missing from SÄPO’s own office. Who can make a burglary in the secret Swedish Police own office, and how will the burglar know exactly where to start looking for those specific documents? Now it started to smell really bad!

Just suddenly the focus was moved again from SÄPO to a Swedish diplomat, who had something to do with the weapon deal with India. That guy was pushed out in front of a subway train in a subway station in Stockholm and died instantly.

Hans Holmér working for SÄPO was now looking happy in TV, because maybe his lead to the weapon deal with India was correct after all? At least the embarrassing story about the missing documents in SÄPO was now forgotten. An almost too good smoke screen, if you ask me. What a coincident?

Another fact from the court documents was that Lisbet Palme wanted to be the big boss for UNICEF, the children organization in UN. Olof did not like that idea at all! He thought it was enough with one person in the family standing in the spotlights or in front of the TV cameras. He stopped her to fulfill her dreams.

Another odder thing from the investigation was that Lisbet were having a coat on going to the hospital that night when her husband was killed. When she entered the hospital another photo was taken of her by another photographer, and now suddenly she wears another coat. Both coats had bullet holes at exactly the same place.

In my world that just doesn’t happen by pure coincident! Somebody got sloppy with details!

Hans Holmér was now of course working hard with the weapon deal with India, to find the murderer.

When you try to make a profile of a possible murderer, you have to start searching for the murderer within the closest relatives and friends first. According to statistics you will find about 95 % of all murderers in that group.

Another thing that also all the murder investigators in the world know is that you also have to search for a motive. Either someone will gain something to kill you, or maybe they will kill you just to stop the misery you give them daily. The “lonely crazy man” does not more or less exist statistically, so why start searching for him?

The third thing everybody working with this knows about is that it can be one person wanting to kill you, but another one who actually do the killing. The cost for a human life is surprisingly low. Just a couple of thousand Swedish crowns and you can consider the job as done.

To kill a Prime Minister is a bit trickier and it needs careful planning. But if you know the Prime Minister’s plans in advance it will be a lot easier. Someone with that knowledge and a good motive wanted this to happen, and it was not PKK, any weapon deal with India, an Israeli guy or Christer Pettersson who was behind this or pulled the trigger. It was a professional hit man that killed Olof Palme and just wounded Lisbet without any damage.

We train a lot of these guys in the Swedish military to be operative secret agents around the world, so we don’t need to import one of them to do a tiny simple job like this. And it was someone else who ordered the job.

After Olof’s death Lisbet Palme became the big boss of UNICEF.

Sweden did not solve the mystery and did not catch the Palme murderer yet. I’m not surprised! Maybe it is just 9/11 “terror attack” on World Trade Center in New York, where you have similar amount of smoke screens and side tracks in the history.

Somebody wants to hide something! Open your eyes and you will see it too! You will probably now also understand why this murder mystery will never be solved.

I might be wrong in my conclusions here, but what if I’m right? Scary ha?

/Lasse A.


Also watch YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHonesty4u 

No, the truth about medicines is that they actually will make you sick!

For those of you who still don’t think my article is the truth, I recommend you to look at this link, http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/05/21/university-of-bc-doctors-expose-vaccination-coverup-official-documents-released-from-the-uk/# 

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I know most of you will not believe me when I say things like that.
The problem is that I can prove it to you!
When it comes to medicines, we all have been taught a “false knowledge”.
This has been going on since early 1900.
When I say that the pharmaceutical companies don’t have any interest to cure you, some of you will think that I’m totally screwed up.
Well, the ”false knowledge” is screwed up, I’m not, and I will prove it to you!
The problem is that we all have been indoctrinated to believe in these “false knowledge” from the pharmaceutical industry.

They have showed us pictures, where they are sitting in front of a microscope 24 hours a day, just to find some cures for our diseases.
That looks good and it sounds good too.
They show some fantastic research results and create a picture for you that they know almost everything about how the body works and even all about the DNA code.
Some of this is actually true.
That is good.
Some of it is “false knowledge”, just to be able to continue the scam against you and me!
That is the bad part!

So, let us investigate this once and for all!

Are all medicines bad?
No, some of them are life saving products, if you had an accident or are extremely sick.
This is good in the short run perspective.

In the long run perspective, the same medicines sometimes instead will add new diseases to your body. Diseases that means that you will be hooked up on that medicine for the rest of your life!

Let’s take an example to show how it might looks like in reality.

You got a terrible headache for a couple of days and decide to go to the doctor.
The doctor runs some tests but doesn’t find anything alarming.
He prescribes a new headache pill and gives it to you.
You go home and take the pill every time you feel that head ache, according to the doctor’s advices.
After a couple of weeks the problem with the head ache seems to be solved.
At least you got rid of that terrible head ache.

After about a month you are sitting in the doctor’s office again!
This time you are complaining about aches in your stomach.
The doctor once again run some tests and this time you got an ulcer.
He prescribes new pills for you.
You take them and the ulcer seems to get better after a month.

Soon you will sit in the doctor’s office again, and this time your kidneys are not working properly anymore.
It’s getting worse and worse and soon you have to undergo dialysis every other week to clean up your fluid system and blood in your body.

The story above is of course just an example, but I guess you get the picture.
You never connected the stomach pain with the headache pills, because the different diseases are in two different places in your body.
Unfortunately the headache pills created your ulcer, because that is one of the side effects of that pill.
The same can happen with the stomach pills, which sometimes can affect your kidneys.

From just a couple of dollars in profit the pharmaceutical industry now suddenly earns a million dollars from your disease.
The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t only earn money from you. They also earn money from the government medical aid.

Let’s see how it works in the pharmaceutical industry.

First the pharmaceutical industry gets money from private donations.
Then they also get money from the government medical aid system, to be able to make more studies on a new medicine.
Thereafter they will also earn billions from selling the medicines to consumers like you and me.

Before the medicine is out in the market it has to be approved and safe to use.
In USA for example, it is the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, which will give the approval or stop the medicine from getting out for public use.
A little interesting detail here, is that the same guys who own the pharmaceutical companies, are also sitting in the board room in FDA, or are connected to them in other ways. (Remember my first post here about the top guys in the pyramid?)
This means practically that they approve their own medicine!
Several hundreds various types of medicines will be withdrawal from the market every year, because it shows that they are too dangerous to use.
How could these medicines get the approval from FDA in the first place then?
Now you know!

In what way will that proves that the medicines will make you sick and not healthy?
It won’t prove it at all!
But continue reading so you can see the full picture and it will be obvious for you.

First of all, what is a pharmaceutical company?
It is a business company, which earn their money on selling products like any other business company.
The company is also owned by one or thousands of stockholders.
The company has to show profit or else the stockholders will sell and run away and the company can not finance their big costs anymore.

As you know, healthy people don’t need medicines! Only sick people will buy them!
So, let’s try my statement above!
If you have your own big pharmaceutical company and you find a pill that will cure (make people healthy) any kind of disease, what will then happen to your company?
Well, as you know already, healthy people have no need for medicines, which means that the people you already cured with your miracle pill will never buy any of your products anymore.
Your company will starve to death or you will get fired as the CEO, by the stockholders.
Your miracle pill or your company is dead forever!

If your pills create new diseases your company will flourish.
Then you can sell and sell and sell!

Now you know why medicines will never cure you!

There are some other disturbing proof of all this above.
All the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world have been brought to court for falsifying statistic medical results, bribing doctors and lying about effects from vaccines.
The biggest fine so far a pharmaceutical company had to pay, was swindling 3.5 Billion dollars.
That did not hurt the company though, because they already made 27.5 Billion dollars in profit on that medicine (yes Billions, not millions!).

The list of frauds goes on and on and many of us remember the ”effective” polio vaccine many decades ago.
It was when one of the major causes of Polio, DDT, was prohibited to use as the disease was stopped. It had absolute nothing to do with the vaccine.
The same goes for mumps vaccine too. It actually gave the mumps disease to the kids!
A statistically safe group with vaccinated persons has been compared to unvaccinated and guess what, the unvaccinated group were 500 % healthier than the vaccinated group.
That says it all. Stay away from the shit if you can!
I'm a doctor

Are the doctors scumbags too?
No, normally doctors are good persons even if some of them are incompetent, like there are incompetent electricians or taxi drivers. But they are all fooled and indoctrinated like you and me.
So how about the medical scientists?
The scientist almost never see the whole project when it comes to creating a new medicine. They only see their own part of the project (remember the wall on the pyramid?). Someone else is putting all the parts together to create the medicine.
They are all fooled like you and me!

My policy here is to never promote any kind of advertising of a product.
I will make one exception though, just because there is no one who will earn any money from my advice.
I just urge you to investigate a product yourself called Master Mineral Solution, MMS.
The inventor of this MMS is a very old man (80 years old) named Jim Humble.
According to Jim it cures about every disease a man can get!
Just download his FREE e-book from www.jimhumble.biz and read it.
I did, and so far MMS never failed despite the fact that I’ve tried it myself for various sometimes life threatening diseases on several persons during three years.
Note: Jim Humble has never sold one single bottle of MMS himself!

New web address to Jim Humble: http://www.jimhumble.is 

I may be wrong in everything I said in this post, but I also may be right.
In that case you may be able to save yours or your loved ones lives just by reading this website, if you came to the same conclusions as me.

Good luck!

/Lasse A.


I don’t think so and I will show you what really happened!

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Listen in Swedish here.

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September 28, 1994 will go to the history for more than one reason.
It was not only the day for the biggest catastrophe in sea ever in Scandinavia.
It was also the beginning of the biggest lie ever told to common people!
The big passenger ship Estonia sank that night!
852 people died and only 138 people were saved by other ships and helicopters.

Accidents happen and it is impossible to avoid them. It can also be a lot of reasons to an accident.
In this case it was not an accident!
It was an explosion under the waterline that sank Estonia!

Already the same morning in the biggest newspaper in Sweden, Dagens Nyheter, DN, a civil engineer and expert said, that the main reason for the accident was because the main bow visor to car deck in the front of the ship was broken.
How could he possibly know that?
No survivors had been heard yet and the ship was in the bottom of the sea!
This is also a really stupid and ignorant remark coming from a technical ship expert.
The car deck is over the waterline and the ship is watertight from there down to the bottom deck.
This actually means, that even if the ship takes in a lot of water on car deck it will never sink.
There is still something called Archimedes law!
That law makes every ship in the world to float despite how big they are.

What possibly can happen, is that the ferry will turn around and float with the bottom up.
That did not happen this night.

Every word in media from now on were focused on that Estonia took in water on car deck.

One of the surviving crew member told that Estonia’s big water pumps was already trying to get the water out from the bottom deck of the ship.
How did the water get in to the bottom of the ship if the construction is watertight from car deck and down?
Nobody discussed that question! Some tried but they were silenced immediately.
Logical questions were probably prohibited.
Was it something in this tragedy that should be hidden?
Yes, there were a lot of details and secrets that went down with Estonia that night.

Why would anybody lie about what happened and try to block logical questions?
Well, the reason for lying is the same as when a friend lies to you. The lie will protect the liar because he will lose something if the truth will come out.
Sometimes you don’t have to lie. Instead you just put out a smoke screen so people will start to think in a wrong direction.
The official investigators did a lot of that.

The only interesting question; how it is even possible that this type of ferry can sink if it takes in water from the car deck, was never answered!
It will never be answered either!
The only way for a ferry like this to sink, is if it is a hole in the bottom!
If it is not, it may turn around bottom up but it will never sink!
I don’t think Archimedes was wrong!

Were there any proof that it was a hole in the bottom of the ship?
Yes it was!
A diver, Gregg Bemis, was down there and took photos on a big hole in Estonia’s bottom.
Estonia hål
I’m not an expert in this but the hole shows clearly that it must have been an explosion or a collision that made the hole.
What caused the explosion?
Was it a torpedo, an explosion device or a collision?
The steel plates was bent in to the ship, which means that the force is coming from outside.
It was not an explosion from inside.
A collision seems to be impossible because it was almost 100 meter deep in that area.
Or was it maybe not impossible?

According to the investigating commission the hole in the ship bottom does not exist!
The investigating commission didn’t like to talk about it anymore.
Funny story!
I mean, if there is a photo showing the hole, either there is a hole or the photo is a fake.
Why not investigate it or go down with other divers and make a new photo?
Maybe someone did not like the truth?

If we just use some common sense here we have another fact that actually proves that the leaking water came from below the car deck.
People were running up in panic from deck 1 and deck 2 under the waterline and below the car deck.
That means that the leak in the ship must come from below the waterline.
The water can’t possibly come from car deck and go down, because of the ship’s watertight construction.

The car deck bow visor was blown away and was found 1 560 meters from Estonia.
It was loosen from the ship according to the official theory!
If the hole below the waterline was caused by, that the bow visor in car deck was loosen, then it is absolutely impossible that the bow visor itself was found so far away from the ship.
That fact creates a new question!
Was the bow visor blown away before or after Estonia sank?
Many terrible facts say, after!

In that case it also explained why Swedish Navy marked the wrong place in the water for that bow visor.
For several months they also marked Estonia’s position with a bleu floating device wrong! About 2, 1 kilometre wrong!
Was there a reason?
Of course it is always a reason for everything in this world.
Was it to keep curious people away from Estonia?
No hardly! In that case there are better ways to do that.

A relative organization held a sea funeral for the dead ones more than 2 100 meters away from Estonia. They thought they were standing right above Estonia marked with that blue floating device.

In my mind I can think of one more reason they marked the place wrongly!
Maybe it was to be able to blow away the bow visor from the ship under the water, and transport it 1 560 meters west away from the real position of the ship!
It would have looked stupid if the bow visor was still attached to the ship if someone wanted to take more photos.
I mean an enormous big ship like Estonia is really not hard to find with sonar or other technologies.
If someone tried to find her and take new photos, it would be a hard time for the commission to explain their previous lies.
Then the official explanation why Estonia sank would not hold water.

There is of course a reason why the government won’t like us to know why there was a big hole in Estonia under the waterline.
I will explain that too for you later on in this text.

Estonia was covered with concrete there at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It also became the last resting place for 852 dead people.

The only thing the investigating commission really did, was to create more question marks!
These questions will never be answered.

So what happened then?

Why all these strange facts with wrong positions in the sea of the bow visor and the ship?
Why are there edits in original video tapes from several diving expeditions made by the Swedish and Finnish Navy?
Why are video logs missing?
Why does none of the official videos show the part of the ship were Gregg Bemis found a big hole under the waterline and took photos of it?
About 30 hours of videos were taken but none shows the part of the ship were Gregg Bemis took his photos. How is that even possible?
The best question of them all; why are there so many question marks?

The answer is simple! It’s a cover up!

So, what was behind this tragic “accident”?

The answer is, I don’t know, but somebody else knows!
I can only guess according to certain facts.
One of these facts was that Estonia was used to transport secret electronic devises from the Russian military to Sweden from the country Estonia.
The USSR was just falling apart and when that happened some of these secret high tech electronic devises was stolen from former USSR.
The passenger ferry Estonia was used to bring the devices over to Sweden and later on they were transported from Sweden to USA.
This had been going on for awhile.

The Swedish military did admit that, but they could not say if Estonia had that type of secret devises in her cargo this particular night.
Of course they knew, but they are not allowed to say!
They were not allowed to admit other things either, but finally so many people were talking that it was impossible to keep these secret cargos as a secret anymore.

Another little strange coincident was a photo of a Russian submarine coming in to the harbour of Murmansk up in northern part of Russia. The tower of the submarine was heavily damaged.
How can a submarine get damaged in the tower?
According to a drunken crew member of that submarine they just came from a mission in the Baltic Sea.
According to the submarines own log book it had never left the harbour at all. Where the damage came from, nobody knew.
The photo shows the submarine coming in to the harbour with that damage on the tower, so obviously that was a lie!

If you compare the damage of that submarine’s tower to the big hole in the side of Estonia that Gregg Bemis took a photo of, it seems to fit in rather well. Maybe the submarine came to close to Estonia in the hard weather and actually collide with her?

According to German divers they also saw another big hole in the bottom of Estonia. That hole was covered with lots of sand. The sand did not belong to the surrounding bottom of the sea.
Someone obviously put it there to cover something.

My theory about the Russian submarine also explains the big explosion some of the survivors talked about. If there was a collision it also explain the big bang and “hit” some of the passengers told about a few minutes later.
One torpedo and one collision!

That also explains why this big ferry did not turned around bottom up and also why Estonia sank in about 20 minutes. That’s a very short time for this type of ferry.
Normally these types of ferries don’t sink at all!
Archimedes was not wrong!

Another thing is of course that the Russians sooner or later found out which way the stolen secret devices took. They have intelligence too and of course they try to stop the devices getting in to the hands of the Americans.
Where and how is the best way to stop the transport?
Of course at sea with a submarine so nobody can see who you are!
Otherwise you have to invade another country.

For sure I can be wrong about everything in my little investigation here, but every other investigation I’ve seen doesn’t hold water better than the bottom of Estonia.
The guessing is free!
What I do know for sure, is that the official explanation of this tragedy is a lie.
The truth is in the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

/Lasse A.