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No, the truth about medicines is that they actually will make you sick!

For those of you who still don’t think my article is the truth, I recommend you to look at this link, http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/05/21/university-of-bc-doctors-expose-vaccination-coverup-official-documents-released-from-the-uk/# 

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I know most of you will not believe me when I say things like that.
The problem is that I can prove it to you!
When it comes to medicines, we all have been taught a “false knowledge”.
This has been going on since early 1900.
When I say that the pharmaceutical companies don’t have any interest to cure you, some of you will think that I’m totally screwed up.
Well, the ”false knowledge” is screwed up, I’m not, and I will prove it to you!
The problem is that we all have been indoctrinated to believe in these “false knowledge” from the pharmaceutical industry.

They have showed us pictures, where they are sitting in front of a microscope 24 hours a day, just to find some cures for our diseases.
That looks good and it sounds good too.
They show some fantastic research results and create a picture for you that they know almost everything about how the body works and even all about the DNA code.
Some of this is actually true.
That is good.
Some of it is “false knowledge”, just to be able to continue the scam against you and me!
That is the bad part!

So, let us investigate this once and for all!

Are all medicines bad?
No, some of them are life saving products, if you had an accident or are extremely sick.
This is good in the short run perspective.

In the long run perspective, the same medicines sometimes instead will add new diseases to your body. Diseases that means that you will be hooked up on that medicine for the rest of your life!

Let’s take an example to show how it might looks like in reality.

You got a terrible headache for a couple of days and decide to go to the doctor.
The doctor runs some tests but doesn’t find anything alarming.
He prescribes a new headache pill and gives it to you.
You go home and take the pill every time you feel that head ache, according to the doctor’s advices.
After a couple of weeks the problem with the head ache seems to be solved.
At least you got rid of that terrible head ache.

After about a month you are sitting in the doctor’s office again!
This time you are complaining about aches in your stomach.
The doctor once again run some tests and this time you got an ulcer.
He prescribes new pills for you.
You take them and the ulcer seems to get better after a month.

Soon you will sit in the doctor’s office again, and this time your kidneys are not working properly anymore.
It’s getting worse and worse and soon you have to undergo dialysis every other week to clean up your fluid system and blood in your body.

The story above is of course just an example, but I guess you get the picture.
You never connected the stomach pain with the headache pills, because the different diseases are in two different places in your body.
Unfortunately the headache pills created your ulcer, because that is one of the side effects of that pill.
The same can happen with the stomach pills, which sometimes can affect your kidneys.

From just a couple of dollars in profit the pharmaceutical industry now suddenly earns a million dollars from your disease.
The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t only earn money from you. They also earn money from the government medical aid.

Let’s see how it works in the pharmaceutical industry.

First the pharmaceutical industry gets money from private donations.
Then they also get money from the government medical aid system, to be able to make more studies on a new medicine.
Thereafter they will also earn billions from selling the medicines to consumers like you and me.

Before the medicine is out in the market it has to be approved and safe to use.
In USA for example, it is the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, which will give the approval or stop the medicine from getting out for public use.
A little interesting detail here, is that the same guys who own the pharmaceutical companies, are also sitting in the board room in FDA, or are connected to them in other ways. (Remember my first post here about the top guys in the pyramid?)
This means practically that they approve their own medicine!
Several hundreds various types of medicines will be withdrawal from the market every year, because it shows that they are too dangerous to use.
How could these medicines get the approval from FDA in the first place then?
Now you know!

In what way will that proves that the medicines will make you sick and not healthy?
It won’t prove it at all!
But continue reading so you can see the full picture and it will be obvious for you.

First of all, what is a pharmaceutical company?
It is a business company, which earn their money on selling products like any other business company.
The company is also owned by one or thousands of stockholders.
The company has to show profit or else the stockholders will sell and run away and the company can not finance their big costs anymore.

As you know, healthy people don’t need medicines! Only sick people will buy them!
So, let’s try my statement above!
If you have your own big pharmaceutical company and you find a pill that will cure (make people healthy) any kind of disease, what will then happen to your company?
Well, as you know already, healthy people have no need for medicines, which means that the people you already cured with your miracle pill will never buy any of your products anymore.
Your company will starve to death or you will get fired as the CEO, by the stockholders.
Your miracle pill or your company is dead forever!

If your pills create new diseases your company will flourish.
Then you can sell and sell and sell!

Now you know why medicines will never cure you!

There are some other disturbing proof of all this above.
All the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world have been brought to court for falsifying statistic medical results, bribing doctors and lying about effects from vaccines.
The biggest fine so far a pharmaceutical company had to pay, was swindling 3.5 Billion dollars.
That did not hurt the company though, because they already made 27.5 Billion dollars in profit on that medicine (yes Billions, not millions!).

The list of frauds goes on and on and many of us remember the ”effective” polio vaccine many decades ago.
It was when one of the major causes of Polio, DDT, was prohibited to use as the disease was stopped. It had absolute nothing to do with the vaccine.
The same goes for mumps vaccine too. It actually gave the mumps disease to the kids!
A statistically safe group with vaccinated persons has been compared to unvaccinated and guess what, the unvaccinated group were 500 % healthier than the vaccinated group.
That says it all. Stay away from the shit if you can!
I'm a doctor

Are the doctors scumbags too?
No, normally doctors are good persons even if some of them are incompetent, like there are incompetent electricians or taxi drivers. But they are all fooled and indoctrinated like you and me.
So how about the medical scientists?
The scientist almost never see the whole project when it comes to creating a new medicine. They only see their own part of the project (remember the wall on the pyramid?). Someone else is putting all the parts together to create the medicine.
They are all fooled like you and me!

My policy here is to never promote any kind of advertising of a product.
I will make one exception though, just because there is no one who will earn any money from my advice.
I just urge you to investigate a product yourself called Master Mineral Solution, MMS.
The inventor of this MMS is a very old man (80 years old) named Jim Humble.
According to Jim it cures about every disease a man can get!
Just download his FREE e-book from www.jimhumble.biz and read it.
I did, and so far MMS never failed despite the fact that I’ve tried it myself for various sometimes life threatening diseases on several persons during three years.
Note: Jim Humble has never sold one single bottle of MMS himself!

New web address to Jim Humble: http://www.jimhumble.is 

I may be wrong in everything I said in this post, but I also may be right.
In that case you may be able to save yours or your loved ones lives just by reading this website, if you came to the same conclusions as me.

Good luck!

/Lasse A.


  1. Hej Lasse
    Väldigt intressant jag håller själv på med en diet som heter lchf (ketogen kost)som är fullständigt nedvärderad av etablissemanget . Jag gick ner från 90-78 kg på 6 mån blev av med ledvärk hade inte en förkylning och blev piggare mm. Jag läste om en amerikan som hade tre månader kvar att leva enl flera läkare pga cancer han började med lchf och blev helt återställd. Det finns en svensk forskare som har forskat om prostata och bröstcacer som menar att det finns ett tydligt samband mellan cacertillväxt och kolhydratintag men han blir dissad av etablissemanget. Läkemedelsföretagen vill ju fortsätta att sälja sina piller mot högt kolestrol,diabetes,värk. Det finns föresten läkare som tar totalkolestroltest istället för att skilja på ldl och hdl kolestrolvärde och som i onödan skriver ut sänkande mediciner. Dina påståenden stödjer jag till 100 procent för intresserade kan jag rekomendera en bok som heter ett sötare blod av Ann Fernholm

    • Hej Stefan!

      Roligt att du gillade min artikel!
      Tyvärr är det ju så att vi alla har indoktrinerats att tro, att det bara
      är den gigantiska läkemedelsindustrin som kan kurera sjukdomar.
      Mycket talar istället för att de just skapar sjukdomar istället!
      Det kan ju knappast ligga i deras eget intresse att bota oss i alla fall!
      Skulle deras mediciner kurera oss helt, så skulle de ju själva gå i konkurs,
      eftersom friska människor aldrig behöver köpa medicin.

      Själv använder jag inget annat än MMS, Master Mineral Solution! MMS täcker
      in varenda in- och utvärtesmedicin som finns på Apoteket! Flaskan kostar
      under 20 dollar och räcker minst till ett helt års förbrukning och
      hjälper mot cirka 95 % av alla sjukdomar en människa kan få, sägs det!
      Jag har själv testat hittills mot både enklare infektioner och även mot två
      olika typer av allvarlig cancer och det har funkat varje gång hittills!
      Ett plåsterpaket och en MMS-flaska är sålunda det enda jag har i medicinskåpet.

      Lyssna gärna till mina två intervjuer med uppfinnaren av MMS, Jim Humble.
      Denne man om någon borde få Nobelpriset, men självklart kommer han aldrig ens
      på tal! Han har själv aldrig sålt en enda flaska MMS, vilket säger en hel del
      om den mannens ärlighet.
      Här kan du höra intervjuerna, https://honesty4u.wordpress.com/your-voice/

      Tack för din intressanta kommentar om LCHF! Jag ska kolla upp det lite!

      Välkommen tillbaka!

      /Lars Agerstig

  2. Could you please cite some (at least) references for your views; as it is you make a lot of statements, but give no proof – so why should we believe you any more than some pharmaceutical company? Note, I don’t say you are wrong, only that you present no reason to believe you.

    • Hi Elge!

      Well, I collect information from several places. I read a lot of medicine facts and also
      read test results. I also study what happen in the court where all the biggest pharma
      companies lost their trials in court, and all of them had to pay big fines, for
      screwing up test results, putting up wrong statistics and bribe doctors to spread their
      The biggest fine so far was the enormous sum of 3 billion (not million) dollars!
      They laughed all the way to the bank anyway, because they already made a profit of
      27,5 billion dollars on that dangerous medicine.
      Just Google this, ”Big Pharma pays 3 billion dollars in fine”. You will find all the proof
      you need there, and much more.

      I always deal with facts in all my articles in Honesty4u, but I want people to wake up by
      themselves, instead of me serving them all the links.
      If you don’t get curious yourself and want to study the facts, it really doesn’t matter
      what I will tell you. You will think it’s a lie anyway! Right?
      I actually want people to figure out for themselves, that it is absolute impossible that
      we are more sick today than ever before in the history of mankind. Still we have ”better”
      medicines, better doctors, better examine machines and so on. If you can’t figure out
      your self that something is terribly wrong in this logic, I really recommend you to go
      to a good doctor for a major checkup.

      I know that all this material I’m writing about is hard to swallow, but believe me
      I really did my home work thoroughly in every article.
      Many people are asking for scientific proof without using their brain! There are no
      scientific proof, because those who fooled us are the ones sitting on the proof.
      And who will pay for a new study on a vaccine? Will you do it?
      It’s like letting the burglar decide his own punishment in the courtroom!
      We have to rely on long studies about ALL the facts instead, and use our brains to
      find out, what is the logic and what might be a lie.
      If we find something unlogical and we don’t get good answers to our questions
      it is probably some fishy things going on.
      Many people have been taught that this might be a conspiracy theory. It’s not!
      It is asking questions to find the truth!

      I hope you will find all the facts in Internet, like I did.
      I also hope it will give you a good reason why you should believe my articles
      in my website. I don’t earn one single cent on my website and I will not earn
      more by telling lies either. Big Pharma is the opposite, they make billions
      lying to sick people who need help!
      I made this website, because I think you have the right to know the truth!
      I hope you will be satisfied with that answer.
      I strongly recommend you to read my first article, because then you will
      understand the rest more easily.
      Click this link, https://honesty4u.wordpress.com/2012/12/27/new/

      Welcome back!

      /Lasse Agerstig

    • Hej Lill!
      If we continue in English, I’m happy that you can see the truth in my article.
      Most of the people in the world are brainwashed, so they can’t see even facts
      If you have your own knowledge about this topic, or any other topic, you are
      welcome to write your own article about your knowledge and send it to my
      email address, honesty4u@hotmail.se . I will publish your article in ”YOUR
      CHRONICLES” section here in Honesty4u, if it is an interesting article.

      Maybe I will make an interview with you in ”YOUR VOICE” section instead,
      if you prefer that.
      Don’t be shy! Women should make their voices loud in the debates.
      I’m sure you have a lot to say!

      Welcome to my website!

      /Lasse Agerstig

  3. Never a more true word spoken or written! Fortunately, a lot of us do understand this – but the majority will always follow along like sheep. Please read my commnet about High Fructose Corn Syrup under your ”pyramid” post. Is Monsanto a ”feeder” to the pharmaceutical industry? GMO corn is in virtually every packaged food and it is a killer, disturbing our very DNA. Great post Lasse! Keep up the good work.

    • Yes, you are totally correct!
      Monsanto and most of the pharmaceutical companies have the same owners.
      You find the same guys even in FDA or they are controlling them too in other ways.
      They know exactly what they are doing. They even know that they are causing cancer!
      It’s all about money, big MONEY!

      I’m happy that you like my website and comment my articles here.
      Thank you!
      /Lasse Agerstig

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