No, he was not! Palme was shot by a professional hit man!

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Olof Palme

Late at night February 28, 1986, I was driving home from one of my friends place outside the north part of Stockholm Sweden. I drove from north right in through the centre of Stockholm and out of Stockholm on the south side. There was almost no traffic at all so I reached my home rather fast. When I got home I turned on the radio, which I always do before going to bed.

One minute later the music program were cut off and they sent out the shocking message that our Prime Minister, Olof Palme, was shot dead in the street outside a cinema, in the centre of Stockholm. This must have happened just a few minutes before I reach the centre of Stockholm on my way home. Immediately I thought that this was really odd.

There were no police blocking the roads inside or out from Stockholm! I actually did not see one single police car on my way home through the city! I checked the time again. Maybe I was mistaken and actually already got out of the city when they found out that our Prime Minister was shot? No, I figured out that I really did not even reach the north side of Stockholm yet, the time he was killed. That means that the killer could easily escape out of Stockholm the same way I took!

A Prime Minister is shot and not one single Police or road block even on the highway out from Stockholm? From that day I knew that something was terribly wrong!

A big investigation started. There were a lot of suggestions pointing at different directions. Who was the killer?

Lisbet Palme, Olof’s wife, was walking hand in hand with Olof when a man came asking if he was Olof Palme. Olof said yes, and then the man shot him both in his spinal cord in the neck and in his head. Every one of those bullets would have killed him. He also shot Lisbet in her soft part of her shoulder with one bullet and then he ran away.

The bullet just went in and out through the other side of Lisbet’s shoulder without damaging any vital parts inside.

Question: Would you have done that if you were a professional killer? Answer: Of course not! You would for sure kill Lisbet too. She was a witness seeing your face! All this was out in the newspapers day after the shooting.

The Police were now investigating the Kurds, PKK, a weapon deal with India and a lot of possible leads that could have been enemies to Olof Palme. They also talked about a possible lonely “crazy man”, looking like a drug addict.

Later on the Police found a man that fitted in to that description, Christer Pettersson. The Police lined him up together with 9 other nice dressed gentlemen. Now Lisbet Palme could take a good look at all of them and point out the killer from the picture she had in her memory from that night. First she hesitated a lot but then she finally pointed out Christer Pettersson. After all, he was the only one looking bad in his dirty pullover, unshaved, and dirty hair. The others looked like nice and well dressed businessmen.

Everybody was happy. Sweden finally caught the murderer!

Now Christer Pettersson was brought to court. His defense lawyer had no problem to prove that his client was innocent. Christer became a free man but still a suspect. He could now go back to alcohol and drugs and live his normal life again.

The chief of the investigating team inside the Police, Hans Holmér, continued to look for leads in PKK, weapon deal with India and a lot of side tracks leading nowhere.

Hans’s good old friend, Ebbe Carlsson, also started his own private investigation, which made the soup totally messed up. Now there were leads pointing in all directions at the same time.

As always when something in this magnitude happens, there are a lot of witnesses seeing strange things here and there. One of the true stories, coming from several people that did not know each other, said that there were some strange guys with walkie-talkies in their hands, in the subway station Olof and Lisbet Palme were using going to the cinema.

According to my way of thinking, or maybe just common sense, that disqualifies “the lonely crazy man”! The “lonely crazy man” doesn’t need strange men with walkie-talkies. Now it must be some kind of organization behind the killing, right? And if there is an organization, the drug user Christer Pettersson can be taken out from the suspect list. I mean, no organization in the world would hire a guy like Christer Pettersson to do the killing. If Christer Pettersson accidentally met a friend with a bottle of wine that night, he would right away forget everything about the mission to kill Olof Palme!

Hans Holmér was still suspecting Christer Pettersson or other “lonely crazy men”.

Luckily for Hans Holmér, Olof Palme had a lot of enemies everywhere, from right wing to left wing people. USA did not like him because he joined a demonstration against the Vietnam War. Israel did not like him because Olof was standing on the Palestine’s side. Even people in his own political party, the Social Democrats, hated him, because he did what he wanted to do with the political party, without asking for opinions. In short he was a powerful man with lots of enemies.

Olof also liked women, and the rumors said he had a lot of mistresses everywhere. Maybe, just maybe, Lisbet Palme did not like that? At least I would not be surprised if she got a bit irritated.

The Swedish Police investigator, Hans Holmér, was still searching in the PKK track. PKK was in those days known by SÄPO as a terrorist group. SÄPO have the same function as well-known Secret Service have in USA.

Another thing that obviously is a fact in the investigation is that it was only three persons in the world, who knew that the Palme couple would go out this night, without their normal life guards from the Swedish Security Police, SÄPO. According to the court documents these three people were Lisbet Palme, Olof Palme and their son Mårten Palme. Lisbet was the one suggesting to Olof, that they should go to the cinema without the life guards. She didn’t like to have them hanging around her feet 24 hours a day. Olof Palme made the call to SÄPO about their request to skip the life guards this evening.

According to my way of thinking, or maybe just common sense again, this little puzzle piece and fact disqualifies PKK and “lonely crazy men”. It also disqualifies other organizations, except the Swedish SÄPO. SÄPO were actually the only organization that knew just about an hour before Olof and Lisbet went to the cinema, that they were going there without life guards.

The investigating chief of Police, Hans Holmér, were still chasing his ghosts in PKK, the weapon deal with India and now also some guy in Israel, who according to rumors might be the “hit man”.

Later investigations also showed that there were some secret documents about the Palme murder, missing from SÄPO’s own office. Who can make a burglary in the secret Swedish Police own office, and how will the burglar know exactly where to start looking for those specific documents? Now it started to smell really bad!

Just suddenly the focus was moved again from SÄPO to a Swedish diplomat, who had something to do with the weapon deal with India. That guy was pushed out in front of a subway train in a subway station in Stockholm and died instantly.

Hans Holmér working for SÄPO was now looking happy in TV, because maybe his lead to the weapon deal with India was correct after all? At least the embarrassing story about the missing documents in SÄPO was now forgotten. An almost too good smoke screen, if you ask me. What a coincident?

Another fact from the court documents was that Lisbet Palme wanted to be the big boss for UNICEF, the children organization in UN. Olof did not like that idea at all! He thought it was enough with one person in the family standing in the spotlights or in front of the TV cameras. He stopped her to fulfill her dreams.

Another odder thing from the investigation was that Lisbet were having a coat on going to the hospital that night when her husband was killed. When she entered the hospital another photo was taken of her by another photographer, and now suddenly she wears another coat. Both coats had bullet holes at exactly the same place.

In my world that just doesn’t happen by pure coincident! Somebody got sloppy with details!

Hans Holmér was now of course working hard with the weapon deal with India, to find the murderer.

When you try to make a profile of a possible murderer, you have to start searching for the murderer within the closest relatives and friends first. According to statistics you will find about 95 % of all murderers in that group.

Another thing that also all the murder investigators in the world know is that you also have to search for a motive. Either someone will gain something to kill you, or maybe they will kill you just to stop the misery you give them daily. The “lonely crazy man” does not more or less exist statistically, so why start searching for him?

The third thing everybody working with this knows about is that it can be one person wanting to kill you, but another one who actually do the killing. The cost for a human life is surprisingly low. Just a couple of thousand Swedish crowns and you can consider the job as done.

To kill a Prime Minister is a bit trickier and it needs careful planning. But if you know the Prime Minister’s plans in advance it will be a lot easier. Someone with that knowledge and a good motive wanted this to happen, and it was not PKK, any weapon deal with India, an Israeli guy or Christer Pettersson who was behind this or pulled the trigger. It was a professional hit man that killed Olof Palme and just wounded Lisbet without any damage.

We train a lot of these guys in the Swedish military to be operative secret agents around the world, so we don’t need to import one of them to do a tiny simple job like this. And it was someone else who ordered the job.

After Olof’s death Lisbet Palme became the big boss of UNICEF.

Sweden did not solve the mystery and did not catch the Palme murderer yet. I’m not surprised! Maybe it is just 9/11 “terror attack” on World Trade Center in New York, where you have similar amount of smoke screens and side tracks in the history.

Somebody wants to hide something! Open your eyes and you will see it too! You will probably now also understand why this murder mystery will never be solved.

I might be wrong in my conclusions here, but what if I’m right? Scary ha?

/Lasse A.


  1. Jag tycker mig ana att du i din text snuddar vid något jag själv sedan länge funderat över. Nämligen den superhemliga grupp vars mål är minst lika hemligt som gruppen självt. Gruppen som enl. uppgift inte skyr något, varken medel eller tillvägagångssätt, för att nå sina mål.

    • Hej Rauken!

      Nja, just när det gäller Palmemordet tror jag inte att man behöver vara så konspiratoriskt
      lagd. Avslutningen på min utredning bör nog leda till en betydligt enklare slutsats.
      Att sedan delar av Säkerhetspolisens personal är inblandad i detta, är ju närmast en
      självklarhet om man studerar fakta.
      Huruvida dessa ingår i någon slags superhemlig grupp, ställer jag mig dock ganska tveksam
      till. Säkerhetspolisen är ju dock i sig en sluten grupp som inte direkt är så öppna av sig.

      /Lars Agerstig

      • Aldrig att Krister Pettersson mördade Palme, jag tror mördaren lever i all välmåga utomlands och skyddad av dem som anlitade honom..Läs boken som Conny Larsson skrivit som är mycket intressant boken heter ”Nu skall jag upp och skjuta den jäveln Olof Palme” Han har blivit mordhotad efter den boken och måste flytta utomlands.

  2. Two South African police inspectors, on loan to ICTY in The Hague, claimed that the notorious Eugen de Kock had admitted killing Olof Palme while they were interrogating him for other murders in SA and I think they said the de Kock actually was in Stockholm at the time of the killing with a couple of other operatives from his organisation. The two inspectors reported this to Swedish authorities but they weren’t interested.

    • Hi Kritisk mot DDR 2.0!

      Maybe that was one of the first times the Swedish authorities did something good then!
      De Kock can not possibly have something to do with this murder.
      The reason is that only 3 persons in the world knew that Palme was going to the cinema that night.
      That was Palme, his wife Lisbet and his son Mårten. After that also SÄPO knew it, because Palme’s wife
      didn’t want the lifeguards that evening.
      If you look at all the facts this evening you realize that this is an ”inside job”. No one from
      outside could possibly have the time to plan this.
      If you add the so called burglary in SÄPO’s office and all the strange behaviors from the Swedish
      police, then it’s easy to understand this. All the rest of the stories are just smoke screens to
      hide the reality.

      Thank you for your interesting remark though!
      Welcome back!

      /Lars Agerstig

  3. Om det var en professionell mördare, hur kommer det sig då att han missade Lisbet när han sköt mot henne? Skulle inte en professionell mördare använt en pistol med ljuddämpare?

    • Hej rolerix!

      Jo, det är exakt min idé också!
      Därför är det högst otroligt, att det var meningen att Lisbet ¨
      skulle träffas av något skott. Det skulle alltså se ut som
      om hon hade jättetur som slapp dö som Olof gjorde.
      Därmed får man allas sympatier och slipper oroa sig för massa
      elaka frågor.

      /Lars Agerstig

  4. Hej!

    Tack för en intressant och läsvärd artikel!

    Runt palmemordet och efterföljande utredning finns alldeles för många dokumenterade märkligheter.
    Rigorös ”planering” från början, så även under mordutredningen. Allt för att göra det omöjligt att lösa mordet.

    Ingen sanning, men Anders Jallai skriver initierat och väldokumenterat runt palmemordet.

    • Hej igen folk_hemmet!

      Ja, det finns många spår som leder åt olika håll.
      Just detta är signifikativt för ett välorganiserat insidermord.
      Alldeles klart är att delar av SÄPO’s personal är inblandade i detta
      mord på ett eller annat sätt.
      ”Den ensamme galningen” behöver inga gubbar med Walkie-Talkies i händerna!
      Du eller jag skulle knappast komma så långt om vi försökte att göra inbrott
      och stjäla de dokument om Palmemordet, som uppenbarligen har försvunnit från
      SÄPO’s eget kontor!
      Och om vi skulle lyckas ta oss in där, var skulle vi börja leta och varför?
      Det luktar skunk lång väg och mordet är inte alls så komplicerat som det verkar.
      Allt är bara rökridåer!

      /Lasse Agerstig

  5. Lasse, your theory is very unrealistic, for several reasons. In addition, some of the ”facts” that you refer to seem more like hearsay.

    / Anders

    • Well, Anders your theory is as good as mine, if you have one?
      Every suggestion about what happened must be treated with respect
      until it’s proven to be wrong!

      If you think my theory is ”unrealistic, for several reasons”, without
      pointing out those reasons, is though perhaps the worst way to help solving
      a murder mystery.
      You also had some ideas about the facts, which you called hear saying?
      What facts did you have in mind?
      Let’s analyze them!

      What is your own theory about the Palme murder?
      I just hear you complaining but you never come up with something of your own.

      /Lasse Agerstig

  6. Lasse, I do not question all of that but you do not get my message. Saying that you may be wrong but that you may also be correct is meaningless – logically – because it is a matter of course. If something is not wrong it probably is correct, and vice versa. It stands to reason.

    Anyway, a Lisbet Palme – SÄPO collaboration is highly improbable. An assassination plot on that level will likely involve as few people as possible. Furthermore, such a small group would certainly not include people from outside that group ( like the wife of the target ). That would be extremely stupid.

    / Anders

    • ”Anyway, a Lisbet Palme – SÄPO collaboration is highly improbable.”

      Well, Anders, I think the opposite according to all the facts.
      There is a clear motive (mistresses and standing in way for her being the boss of UNICEF).
      Of course she did not do the killing herself.
      Also of course, you will get to know the life guards and be personally friend with them after
      a long time together. That is only natural.
      There were probably lots of guys in that group that would be delighted to end Olof’s life.
      Many of them had the skill both to plan it and do the actual shooting.
      And as I said before, the guys who is behind the planning of this, are just a few men and even
      all of them probably do not know who the murderer actually was.
      In my mind that is really a realistic scenery.

      ”Furthermore, such a small group would certainly not include people from outside that group
      ( like the wife of the target ). That would be extremely stupid.”

      How about if the wife ordered the job?
      Once again, look at facts!
      95 % of all murderers you will find as a close relative or a friend to the killed person.
      That does not mean that you have to pull the trigger yourself.
      In that close group is where you first have to take a good look!
      I will say that there are many question marks around that little idea.
      The almost comical witness confrontation is just one of them.

      And once again Anders, I can’t say I know that this scenery is the correct one.
      But what I can say, is that there are too many question marks for my taste in
      that theory. Questions that never have been answered.
      That’s why I say that I can be wrong, but what if I’m right?

      Yes, what if I’m right?
      Isn’t that terrible in that case?
      If the good guys Police and SÄPO, which are there to protect us all, instead
      can do a thing like this and hide the truth from all of us.
      If that is true Anders, would you ever trust these guys anymore?


      If this was just a normal murder investigation you would never find all those
      side tracks, unanswered questions and strange co incidents.
      Only that tells me, that this story is a cover up.
      Maybe I’m wrong?
      Time will tell!

      /Lasse Agerstig

  7. No, I do not know who did the planning and shooting, respectively.

    You seem to think Lisbet Palme was the mastermind behind the murder, assisted by SÄPO, or maybe the other way around.

    Why bothering saying that you may be wrong but that you may also be correct? Such a statement has no meaning. It is like saying that something may succeed but it may also fail. It is meaningless because it is a matter of course.

    / Anders

    • ”Why bothering saying that you may be wrong but that you may also be correct?
      Such a statement has no meaning. It is like saying that something may succeed
      but it may also fail. It is meaningless because it is a matter of course.”

      That’s a bit odd statement, I will say!
      It’s like saying that all suggestions and all analyzing is meaningless, if it did not
      lead to a convicted murderer right away.
      Why investigate anything then?

      In my mind it is the opposite!
      Every kind of new thinking grounded on possible facts is what may lead to catch a murderer.
      If I was 100 % correct and I knew it, the murderer would already be in jail!

      This website and I personally, will never say that I’m correct if I’m not 100 % sure.
      But the important thing for me, and hopefully for the readers here, is to analyze possible
      leads without the official smoke screens.

      Your next question will probably be how I know what a smoke screen is or not?
      Well, when you analyze one fact at the time and then put them together with other facts
      and find out that it is more or less impossible that it is the truth, then it’s a good
      possibility that it isn’t anything else than a smoke screen to hide the truth.

      In my case I have to be humble enough to admit that I can be wrong (even if it’s unlikely…hehe).
      The readers of this website and the future, will probably prove to me if I’m right or wrong!
      I give you my point of view! The reader’s job is to compare it with their own thinking and make
      up their own mind about what happened.
      Let’s keep it that way!

      /Lasse Agerstig

  8. ”Lasse, I do not see that you deliver any conclusion, other than that the murderer “was a professional hit man”. ”

    Correct! I don’t know exactly who pulled the trigger!
    Maybe just a few guys in the world know that!
    What I do know, is that it was not a ”lonely crazy guy” like Christer Pettersson.
    In that case Lisbet would have been killed too.
    In my mind only a professional hit man will know how to kill and of course there is a reason why Lisbet was not killed. That’s the whole point!
    The killer already knew that he will never get caught.

    ”Anyone can make such a guess.”

    Yes, I’m one of them!

    ”For example, you claim that Hans Holmér continued as a chief of the investigating team after Christer Pettersson was freed in court. This is wrong. Pettersson was taken into custody in december 1988. Holmér was chief of the investigating team until february 1987.”

    Yes, I can give you that!
    It does not matter much in this case if it is Holmér, Ölvebro or someone else. The Police don’t like to investigate themselves.
    SÄPO started the smoke screens and they still continue making everything as blurry as possible.
    But you are correct in this matter. Right should be right. Thank you for the correction!

    ”Also, you claim that “a man came asking if he was Olof Palme. Olof said yes, and then the man shot him both in his spinal cord in the neck and in his head”.

    When it comes to ”Olof said yes”, it was actually Lisbet herself in one of many confusing statements from her. Before that, she had said in another report, that she didn’t even see anyone before she heard the shooting. There are many witnesses also saying that someone goes to the couple Palme and it looks like they had a short conversation.
    Actually only Lisbet can answer that, which she did once in TV, that’s why I brought it up.
    Mysterious woman!

    ”According to my sources Palme was shot once in the back. What are your sources?”

    Well, there are different opinions about how many bullets were fired.
    There is sometimes also an official story and a real story.
    One of the reasons can be to select the true witnesses from the false.
    My source in this I can’t reveal, but I have no doubts in my mind that the statement is correct.
    My source really ought to know this better than most people, that’s the only thing I can say about it.
    The second bullet might be that kind of magic bullet that we all remember from John F Kennedy.
    Maybe it made a magic turn and hit Lisbet in the shoulder, who knows?
    Nobody actually knows if SHE was hit at all!
    Her cloths had a bullet hole though.
    An amateur or a professional would never miss her if they wanted to kill her.
    That is my key point in all this! It doesn’t make sense!

    If you read everything again, I really made a conclusion how this happened but I did not named the guy who pulled the trigger, because I simply don’t know!
    What’s behind all this is though crystal clear for me but of course I can be wrong!
    I can also be correct!
    So far your guess is as good as mine.

    Do you know who is behind all this and who pulled the trigger Anders?

    /Lasse Agerstig

  9. Lasse, I do not see that you deliver any conclusion, other than that the murderer ”was a professional hit man”. Anyone can make such a guess. There are also some errors in your story. For example, you claim that Hans Holmér continued as a chief of the investigating team after Christer Pettersson was freed in court. This is wrong. Pettersson was taken into custody in december 1988. Holmér was chief of the investigating team until february 1987. Also, you claim that ”a man came asking if he was Olof Palme. Olof said yes, and then the man shot him both in his spinal cord in the neck and in his head”. According to my sources Palme was shot once in the back. What are your sources?

    / Anders, also a friend of Sven.

  10. I met a person two month ago claiming that her neighbor in Bromma hated Olof Palme so badly that he said that he was going to kill him (this guy is a policemen). The night when Palme got shot a neibour to her received a phone call a mans voice telling the ”Rose is being taken care off! Then hanged up! Her neigbor who received this call understood that the calling man mixed up the phone number with some one with ”look alike number” Then we have the young coupel who found a revolver big size the next day and just handeled it over to a poicemen in front of a WV Police Bus. It was never heard of after that. The young couple then contacted the Police about it , NO response!!
    Then there was a Taxidriver who suddely got to listen to very strange comunication over his Taxi comunication system when passing the area on Sveavägen. Hmhm One tend to agree about it. Just one more thing, when the couple Palme left Gamlastan ( the Old Town) by subway people observed the two guys entering the train in front and behind them. Both of them carring a intercomunication sytem allowing the to speak to each other ( people thought they where their personal guards. However the system the carried is with a plastic thing around the ear was at that time basic fieald agent from CIA that was using. It was part of their equipment. So what to say about that? Old alcoholic man doing it????
    Time to wake up!! Sven

    • Yes there are a lot of stories around all this, which is also a problem for those trying to investigate this thoroughly. Many of these ”missed calls”, ”overheard discussions” and so on, are more or less pure fantasies from people. Maybe half a percent of them are true. So the problem for the investigators will be to find out the half percent from 20 000 untrue stories.
      In this case it won’t matter though, because the investigators in charge won’t let the truth come out anyway.

      /Lasse Agerstig

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